Magnum ‘pleasure hunt’ by Lowe Brindfors

“Actually really good fun, I expected it to be shit.” That was the Facebook comment about the new Magnum ‘pleasure hunt’ campaign from one of my advertising weary chums.
Not only is this praise indeed from someone in the industry, but it brilliantly sums up why this is great. In short, because it is so unexpected.
Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something comes along that not only engages you for a good eight and half minutes but also leaves you thinking, how did they do that? Are those pages real? Why didn’t we think of that? Which is surely what every great idea should do.
And there are so many lovely touches from this campaign by Lowe and Partners Stockholm-based agency Lowe Brindfors ( Like when she gets in the lift and gets down with the bell boy and when she borrows the hang-glider to get from one page to the next.
Or the moment you realise that bashing your space bar ever harder (sorry IT department) is not the way to grab the ice-cream buns (or whatever they are) from the navigation bar, but instead you need to climb up the copy.
My score? Well it didn’t make the leader board, but it did give me the chance tell my Facebook friends I had just nicked a hang-glider.
And the one thing I’m sure the agency and Unilever will be thrilled about is that it has left me with an unusually strong craving for ice-cream.

Daren Kay is executive creative director at Tullo Marshall Warren

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