McDelivery: The McBest way to McTarget McScoffers?

McDeliveryWhat’s this we hear you ask…yet another McDonald’s campaign being run through the Decision Marketing Adometer? Haven’t they got anything better to write about? Well, quite frankly, no, so here we go…
You see, McDonald’s and Leo Burnett London have linked up yet again, but this time it is for a “surreal new campaign” (according to the official blurb anyway), to promote the UK-wide roll out of McDelivery. Yep, you guessed it, you don’t even have to haul your arse into the car and go to the “Drive-Thru” now, all thanks to McDelivery, via Uber Eats.
Anyway, the ad takes us on a journey across a variety of British homes to find different people enjoying McDonald’s meals in various places, from “Fillet-O-Fish from a dish” and “Big Mac on a cul-de-sac” to “nugs on rugs” and “Veggie Deluxe in power cuts”.
The campaign “seeks to establish McDelivery across all key takeaway moments – with a focus on dinner time but also highlighting early-mornings and all times in-between”. In other words, 24/7.
Supported by social, digital and radio, the activity will run on a range of digital channels with personalised messages, designed to target moments when people are thinking about a takeaway. In other words, 24/7 (again).
The campaign also uses A Million Ads to enable the radio spots to dynamically engage with consumers across digital audio. These ads tailor messages based on various data triggers – such as changes in weather, time of day, location and device – through hundreds of ads stitched into the rhyming pattern. In other words, 27/7 (for the third time).
Leo Burnett London creative director Graham Lakeland said: “We’re all so familiar with McDonald’s, yet the idea of eating it at home is somehow strange. We wanted to embrace this oddity, creating a campaign that explores all the exciting possibilities that await us now McDonald’s offer delivery.”
So, what is the consensus around the Decision Marketing office? Will we be rushing to download the Uber Eats app to place an order, even though there is a £3.50 delivery charge? Is the campaign as surreal as it makes out? Will it be a hit with McFatties?
Well, as previously stated, we’re not exactly big McFans. Even if they produced an amazing ad, it is unlikely we would suddenly become McLovers, so McDeliveries will never be at the top of our McWish List.
Still, credit where credit’s due and all that, for those who can’t be arsed to go and collect their Fillet-O-Fish, McNuggets or Big Mac, this ad does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s hardly surreal, but somehow we don’t think McScoffers will care, so long as they can get their McGrub delivered straight to their McFront Door…

Decision Marketing Adometer: 6 out of 10

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