MyMcDonald’s Rewards: A heavyweight McPounding

MyMcDonaldsAnd so to Maccy D’s; well, everyone else seems to love ’em so maybe, just maybe, it is time for us to give them another chance? And, what better opportunity than with the launch of MyMcDonald’s Rewards, claimed to be one of the UK’s largest rewards programmes even though it has only launched this week?

Of course, no loyalty club launch would be complete without an all-signing, all-dancing multi-channel heavyweight marketing campaign, and right on time here comes Leo Burnett with “More Rewarding McDonald’s Moments”.

Leading the campaign is a TV spot that tells the story of a lorry driver out on the road wanting to be back home with his partner, Lorraine – although that could also be the name of his truck, too. According to the official blurb: “Throughout the film, our hero character’s inner emotions and thoughts of missing home are played out for all to see as he sings the soulful track ‘Coming Home’ by Leon Bridges.” (Nice little earner for Leon, there.)

In fact, it seems he misses her so much that he apparently stops off at every McDonald’s he can find on his journey, collecting points with each purchase. And oh boy, does he miss her, because soon enough we see him back at home, as they share a romantic reunion over a McChicken Sandwich.

As if to prove his love, the scheme only offers one point for every penny spent, so he would have had to scoff 40 cheeseburgers – a total of 17,520 calories – to collect the 4,000 points needed for the McChicken Sandwich; awww so romantic. If he carries on like that, she better make the most of him now.

Anyway, the ad will be supported by social, influencer, radio and OOH content. Each will promote the arrival of MyMcDonald’s Rewards, with snippets showing exactly how users are able to engage with the programme while outlining rewards up for grabs.

But that is not all, dear readers, McDonald’s has also implemented a CRM campaign, led by Armadillo. Apparently “all communications were behaviour-based and explained the loyalty scheme clearly, guiding customers on how to start earning rewards. Millions of customers were reached over email and push messages”.

But even that is not the end of it as Ready10 and Oliver have devised a PR and social campaign with none other than Rylan “what do you mean I am everywhere” Clark-Neal to create and lead a ‘Rewards Squad’, featuring a gaggle of celebrities who have embarked on a tour of the UK.

The tour kicked off in Manchester with an exclusive gig by grime artist Aitch and continued across the country with stars including Yung Filly, LadBaby and Vicky Pattison turning up in a McFlurry ice cream van to give people frozen treats and hand out limited-edition merch to thousands of others.

Five million MyMcDonald’s Rewards points were also given away throughout the tour, including 2 million for customers and staff, and 3 million to McDonald’s charity partners.

And there is even more. OMD UK is deploying a series of tactics to encourage app downloads. A highlight of the plan has been the development of a bespoke online roadblock, which has seen OMD UK partner with all major UK digital and social partners and is expected to reach a “whopping 70% of UK users on day one”.

The launch also marks the brand’s first paid campaign with TikTok (yep, despite the UK Government this week deeming the site a security risk)featuring exclusive content from the Rewards Squad.

McDonald’s UK and Ireland head of marketing Kat Howcroft said: “We are delighted to be bringing MyMcDonald’s Rewards to the UK, giving the nation even greater value and more of those rewarding moments that fans of the brand love so much. This campaign epitomises the importance of those little lifts and I cannot wait to see what everyone thinks of it.”

So, what is the consensus around the Decision Marketing office?

Well, to be fair, they promised “heavyweight” and “heavyweight” is what they have given us, with more elements to this campaign than you can shake a stick at.

At the risk of being complimentary – we told you, we are not big fans – we quite like the ad; it does what it sets out to do. But our gripe is with the McDonald’s ethos; the more you scoff fatty foods, the more they reward you with fatty foods.

And they wonder why the UK has an obesity problem…

Decision Marketing Adometer: A “fat chance of being healthy” 6 out of 10

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