Pedigree Hero-ish Small Dogs: Tails of the Unexpected

pedigreeAfter weeks bogged down in Covid awareness campaigns, we make no apology for bringing something rather more light-hearted this week, and, with it being common knowledge that stories featuring dogs boost website traffic by the million, we’re going for clickbait too.

So, without further ado dear readers, let us delve deep into the world of “The League of Hero-ish Small Dogs”, a new initiative by Pedigree that promotes its Small Dog Dry Dog Food and highlights the big personalities of small dogs and the superpowers they think they have. (Yep, you had better believe it.)

Devised by agency BBDO NY, the campaign is spearheaded by a digital comic book, featuring a group of small dog friends who each have their own “hero-ish” qualities that they use to save the day, supported by two 15-second online videos and social media activity.

The book is made up of some “fan-favourite pups”, including Coco and Cici the Maltese, Bertie the Pomeranian, Maya the Mini Dachshund and Ducky the Yorkie. (Are you won over yet?)

As the story unfolds, Coco and Cici’s “parents” are leaving the house without them, so the petite pups use their hero-ish skills to help get their friends in the car with their humans where they belong…or so they think. (Hmm not much of a premise for a book, is it?)

Pedigree is also kicking off the Hero-ish Small Dog Contest, where dog owners can share the superpowers their small dogs think they have for a chance to have their pups featured in the next edition of The League of Hero-ish Small Dogs comic book.

Sadly, it is only running in the States at this stage but given the British penchant for man’s best friend, surely it will only be a matter of time before it crosses the Atlantic.

The campaign is being supported through organic social content, a campaign landing page and influencer support from the dogs starring in the comic book as well as paid social.

Mars Petcare vice-president of marketing Craig Neely is keen as puppy over the campaign. He said: “Anyone who has met a small dog knows that their personalities are not proportionate to their size.

“Whether they think they’re rescuing their human from the ‘evil’ mailman or hypnotising them with their puppy-dog eyes, all small dogs have this superhero complex, which we’ve aptly named ‘hero-ish.’ The Pedigree brand’s new comic book celebrates those hero-ish qualities that we love about our little furry friends.”

So, what is the consensus around the Decision Marketing office?

Well, to be fair, this week for once we are in a strong position to comment on account of the fact we have a temporary yet unexpected office dog, “Hairy Maclary”, who, as the name suggests, is some sort of terrier and therefore firmly in the target market for Pedigree Small Dog Dry Dog Food.

To be honest, we have yet to work out exactly what his superpower is, other than barking at everything that moves and doing a “wall of death” round the room when the postie comes knocking.

And this, dear readers, seems to be the main issue at the heart of “The League of Hero-ish Small Dogs” campaign. While the comic is a novel idea (geddit?), albeit for a much younger audience, how many dog lovers actually view their mutts as heroes?

We suspect the Hero-ish Small Dog Contest might carry more weight, as the chance to turn your pooch into a social media star, and make plenty of cash, is hard to resist for many.

Still, now we’ve got dogs out of the way, normal service will resume next week…

Decision Marketing Adometer: A “barking up the wrong tree” 6 out of 10

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