Sky: Turkey of the Week? How dare they upset Idris?

Sky5Sky has launched its first work since ditching Engine for Campaign‘s favourite ad agency, Mother, and, despite the change, everyone’s favourite Idris Elba retains his place as the brand ambassador.

The ad kicks off with a mum dropping off her young girl, Molly – dressed in a full Incredibles-style outfit – to her granddad’s house. But once Molly sees he has the motor racing on, she is far from impressed. As Idris notes: “Granddad’s in trouble.”

However, Molly’s mood is lifted as her granddad uses Sky Q’s voice control function to turn over to Incredibles 2, and then pauses it when the duo make what looks like a rather healthy lunch. Later they tune into Portrait Artist of the Year and interact by doing their own drawings. Sky’s programming is also woven into the ad, while Idris sits unseen in the background.

The ad was directed by Justin Chadwick through Tomboy Films.

Katie Mackay-Sinclair, a partner at Mother, said: “All too often, when a new agency comes on board, the impetus is to throw everything out and start afresh. There was a lot that was working well for Sky; so the real opportunity was to augment what was already working by creating a new, richer brand world and a more emotional, insightful dimension to the campaign.”

So, what is the consensus around the Decision Marketing office? Idris Elba? He can do no wrong as far as we are concerned, even though it is slightly creepy that we can see him but Molly and her granddad can’t. Deserving of Campaign‘s Turkey of the Week? Hardly. What do they know about advertising anyway? Will it lead us to sign up for Sky? You never know, although we’re sad to admit it’s unlikely, we’re Virgin Media all the way…

Decision Marketing Adometer: 8 out of 10

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