Waitrose ‘Food to Feel Good About’: Rich pickings

wookAnd so to Waitrose – and why not – and a new campaign to back its pledge to highlight quality, taste, ethics and value, and celebrate food that makes a positive difference.

“Food to Feel Good About”, devised by Adam & Eve DDB, is spearheaded by a 60-second TV ad which aims to “take viewers on a joyful journey through different food moments, with a new and more confident tone of voice for the brand”. (Well, that’s what it says here).

But the strategy has not been just plucked out of the air, dear readers, no, it has been based on insight from over 4,000 customers and Waitrose staff – or partners as the call themselves.

Narrated by Fleabag star and comedian Jamie Demetriou (channeling Stephen Mangan), the ad supports the retailer’s ambition to give animals a better life and farmers a better future, and to look after people and the planet.

It opens with a shot of a corn field, Demetriou begins: “At Waitrose we never stop asking questions about the food you eat; starting at the source – every source.” It then flashes through farming images and a beehive before switching to a fishing trawler, where the voiceover continues: “We ask things like who caught that fish? And can our hens have more room to…hen?”

The ad then highlights the Waitrose value range before switching to “partner” and cheese specialist Vanessa Jones, who appears in Wookey Hole, showcasing Wookey Hole cheddar.

As the ad continues we see meat-free products, pizza makers and “happy families” at mealtimes. It concludes: “When we ask more questions, we get to better answers. Waitrose. Food to Feel Good About.”

Planned and bought by MG OMD, the campaign will run across TV, BVOD, YouTube, OOH, print, display and social and Waitrose customer director Martin George is decidedly upbeat about it. He said: “We wanted to create a fully integrated campaign to bring together the quality, taste, ethics and value our customers can feel good about.

“With customers becoming increasingly discerning about where they spend their money, our ambition is to ensure that our brand refresh will help to make Waitrose feel more relevant and more compelling for our customers.”

So, what is the consensus around the Decision Marketing office?

Well, we have to admit we are closer to the value end of food shopping, scouring Lidl, Aldi and Tesco for bargains and offers, although we do dream one day of going into Waitrose to sample the fine “quality, taste, ethics” of the entirety of its range.

Still, as Waitrose says, this campaign is based on insight from over 4,000 target customers and Waitrose staff, not us Lidl loafers, so for them it no doubt chimes beautifully.  And, to be fair, we do like the ad too and its positive message – it’s just we’re too skint to shop there.

Ah well, one day; one day…

Decision Marketing Adometer: A ‘feelgood’ 8 out of 10 

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