How marketers can get double bubble this Christmas

foxy 414Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines – yep, it’s not easy being me. Of course, like everyone in the sisterhood, I can multitask for England but even I only have so many hours in the day before Wine O’Clock comes round…

However, it seems that in my drunken stupor I’ve only gone and missed one of the most important deadlines of the year. That’s right folks, you only have seven days left to jump onto an extra-marital affair and steam in to the “Sex-tember” love rat stampede.

Overtaking January as the biggest for infidelity, new research by – yes, you guessed it – has found those looking to stray are now more likely to start an affair in autumn than at any other time of the year.

In fact, it is even predicted that there will be a 22% rise in cheating as those unhappy in their relationship look to start afresh. (Seems a strange figure to pluck out of the air but, hey, who are we to argue?)

While researchers said there is typically a rise in post-summer affairs, this September is likely to see an even bigger spurt as people start to return to the office and kick-start their post-pandemic love lives.

And the real reason for this stiff rise in activity? Well, according the survey of 2,000 cheaters, spending prolonged periods of time with their partner on holiday gives them the “wandering eye”.

The gradual end of working from home is another factor in the predicted autumn surge in affairs, with both men and women admitting to being more likely to cheat when they are back in the office. sex and relationship expert Jessica “stating the bleedin’ obvious” Leoni is in little doubt. She said: “Sex-tember is here, which means a surge in affairs. Affairs always traditionally peaked in January but, while New Year cheating is still high, autumn is now the peak time for adultery.

“Lots of us get sick of a partner after two weeks away in the sun and we return to work determined to have some fun with someone new. The pandemic has made more of us live for the moment and shake up our lives if things are not working.”

So, what has all this got to do with marketing? Well, it’s great news, of course, as those who cheat will be spending far more on Christmas pressies; one for the partner, one for the lover and potentially doubling your sales.

Now all you’ve got to do is get your hands on the database. Fancy another trip to the Dark Web anyone?

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