Adland bible faces up to chav-land nightmare

busty newI’m so excited and I just can’t hide it, I’m about to lose control and I think I like it. That’s right Busty fans, now that the John Lewis ad has been revealed, I’m coming over all Christmassy.
And after this week in deepest, darkest Dorset wrestling with the finalists for Busty Balls Awards, it’s nice to come over something else for a change. Not that I didn’t enjoy being lavished and ravished by Mike, Jeremy, Andrew, Steve, Rogering Rog and Calamity Clive – not all at once you understand – but even I can have too much of a good thing.
I’m pretty sure I know who the winner will be now, although with the festive season now in full swing – and me putting the finishing touches to my Christmas list – it is never too late to try to change my mind, fellas.
Anyway, I am planning to dish out my inaugural “Balls Awards” at this year’s DMAs – or maybe at the after-party – as soon as I manage to secure my place at the “must attend” event of the direct marketing calendar (taking place on Tuesday, December 1 at Old Billingsgate, to book your place click here>).
It’s funny too that the dashingly handsome DMA group chief executive Chris Combemale always seems even more gorgeous and even more horny at this time of year. In fact I might just hang around DMA House in Margaret Street next week to see if I can cop an eyeful.
One person who will be not so easy to spot will be the svelte queen of adland, who has been spouting off this week about the demise of the lavish ad agency HQ under a column entitled: “An agency’s location says a lot about the ad industry.”
Despite starting off her musings with the fascinating insight that “it’s not, of course, where an agency is located or what its building looks like that defines whether it’s a great company”, our Claire then goes on to bemoan the fact that Campaign’s very own map of adland “tells a pretty bleak story for some agencies, pushed to fringe locations or bundled into anonymous corporate buildings denuded of character”.
Her assertion that “where your agency is and what type of building it’s in might well reflect how much your holding company owner values your agency’s brand, its prospects and the people who drive its culture”, really nails home Claire’s point.
Funny then, how she makes no mention of the fact that her own company, Haymarket Media Group, is moving Campaign from “middle of nowhere” Teddington to the self-proclaimed chav city of Twickenham.
If you think I’m being harsh, a quick look online shows just how the local hostelries compare with The Ivy, Hoppers or Bao. And I quote: “The George: possibly the biggest chav magnet in the town; The Hob Goblin: over-run with 18- to 25-year-old chavs who adhear (sic) to the Burberry, Schott, Reebok and Von Dutch; and The Sorting Rooms: The place for Twickenham’s A-list chavs – the guys and girls who might earn a decent wage but can’t be bothered to drag their arses out of the depths of scumville.”
I guess that cupboard Haymarket rents in Berner Street as its central London hub is going to be bursting at the seems very shortly…

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  1. Very good. But I think Claire might have been being deliberately mischievous

  2. A mischievous editor? Surely not…are you sure you’re just not keeping in with her so you can get some freelance work Jezza?

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