At last a good reason to spout off about Pornhub

busty idolRegular readers of my weekly musings will know by now that I am somewhat obsessed with the king – or queen for that matter – of the adult entertainment world, Pornhub.
Admittedly, most of the time this has very little to do with direct marketing, but hey, I don’t hear you lot complaining especially as I can I go where most of your online blockers will not allow you to.
But this week, dear Busty fans, there actually is a marketing angle, following news that everyone’s favourite website is now trying get its grubby hands all over Twitter’s Vine in an effort to trial a new format of six-second porn videos. (After all, six seconds is just about as long as many of you fellas can last, in my own rather sad experience.)
Anyway, just to prove this is not a ruse, Pornhub chief executive Corey Price has published a letter he has sent to Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, which states: “My company Pornhub, the leading adult entertainment site with more than 60 million daily visitors, has a lot in common with Vine. Now, before you start rolling your eyes, hear me out Jack.
“We’re interested in purchasing Vine from you. We figure since Twitter has dropped it and is having significant layoffs that you and your stakeholders could benefit from a cash infusion from the sale of Vine.”
Exactly how much is on the table is not known, but you can guarantee the lawyers will be all over it – and Pornhub, too – like a rash.
Talking of Pornhub, I just so happen to have its latest insight blog to hand, as well. Now obviously Halloween has, er, “cum” and gone but this advice will keep for next year.
So, if you’re already planning your 2017 Halloween party, fellas please take note. Women are 116% more likely to look for a “Captain America”, although dressing as a clown, “spiderman” and “vampire” will also catch their attention. On the flip side, men are 170% more likely to search for “batgirl”, followed by “black widow”, “cat” and “witch”.
Don’t say I never give you top Busty tips…

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