Baby blues fuels Busty’s commitment to readers

busty idolIs it just me or has the rest of the marketing press gone a bit weird this week? Campaign and Marketing Week have been bending over backwards to tell everyone how marvellous they are, what great stories they are going to write and, bizarrely, how they are going to gather talent from across the universe to do so.
Over in Timbuktu – otherwise known as Twickenham – the odd couple, Claire Beale and Rachel Barnes, are boasting the birth a new baby. Well, I guess that’s true “diversity” for you, although “new Campaign”, does look a lot like the old Campaign but with half written headlines…
According to the blurb, complete with pictures of the couple holding their offspring, “our new baby is designed to offer creative inspiration to drive business growth”. However, their claim that “mediocrity is the enemy” might need a bit more work, judging by this week’s fare of “Instagram refreshes with brighter logo and simpler interface” and “WhatsApp launches standalone app on Windows and Apple computers”.
Funnily enough, the most popular story on the site this week – other than the ugly baby of course – was “Billboard hijacked with porn in Sweden” – and they nicked that one from a Swedish newspaper.
Mind you, things are even more bizarre over at Marketing Week, which dedicated its cover to a list of what marketers do, as if they didn’t actually know themselves.
Editor Russell Parsons gushed: “We are your voice, your eyes and ears.” So what treats do they have in store for you, oh yeah, “Why retailers are turning shop fronts into high-impact outdoor ads” and “What marketers can learn from getting closer to sales”. If that’s my voice, eyes and ears, I think I’d rather be deaf, dumb and blind…
Still, never one to be outdone, I would like to make my own Busty 38DD commitment to readers: “I pledge to give you the same old bollocks you always get, and whether you like it or not most of the stuff will be about how stupid marketers are, if I can be bothered to write about them at all. If you don’t like it, go and read another magazine – see if I care…”

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