Busty’s lips are sealed…for once

busty's lips are sealed for onceFirst things first, fans, as regular readers will know, I always like to be upfront about things. So, I’m afraid any of you hoping to feast your eyes on lurid tales of Busty and Bustier will be crying into your own pillows. Do you really think I wanna be part of a double act? There’s only room for one Busty in this column…
Still, I’m sure many of you will be far busier waiting for the full list of names to be exposed from the Ashley Madison database. This is definitely “squeeky bum” time – or any other sexual fantasy come to think of it – for the 1.2 million Brits signed up to the service.
Bankers, civil servants, UN peacekeepers, firefighters, NHS staff, BBC journalists, police officers and even Vatican employees have already been outed. The question on everyone’s lips is: when will the first person working in the direct marketing industry be exposed?
Now, to be honest, I could probably name most of them quite easily. After all, I’m not impartial to a married man myself. But with discretion being my middle-name, Chris, Phil, John, Simon, Paul, Dozy, Beaky, Mit and Titch your secret is safe with me…for the time-being at least. No-one like loose lips, do they fellas? Posh dinner and a new autumn wardrobe should seal the deal, though.
Still, while the world awaits, good old Campaign magazine has been tackling the real issues of the day, namely: what adland is reading this summer. Not meaning to be nasty, oh go on then, if they are the great and good of the industry, the wank mag is in more trouble than I thought.
Of course, over in DM agency-land there is one vital read which appears to have been flying off the shelves; Richard Maun’s “How to Keep Your Job”, a snip at £12.99 on Amazon.
Sadly it has come a little late for Mike, David, Mike, Sam, Caitlin, Sam, Joe, Paul and Matt. But hey, there’s always the fallback read of Maun’s follow-up: “Leave the Bastards Behind: An Insider’s Guide to Working for Yourself” (just £9.99).
If only my esteemed editor had read it…

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