Can’t get no satisfaction? Let’s return to 1970s Britain

foxy 414“Do you remember, that very first night of September? A gallon of wine on a bender, I was chasin’ the clouds away…” Yep, with apologies to Earth, Wind and Fire, what should have been a nice short week following the Bank Holiday has been long, long and very hard.

Now, in most circumstances, long, long and very hard is a marvellous thing, but not when you’re on a post-summer, post-Norfolk, post-Lincolnshire, post-Leeds, and post-Cardiff, Decision Marketing Bus Tour of Britain downer.

My initial enthusiasm for home, sweet home has now evaporated with the realisation I now have at least SIXTEEN weeks before I get another weekday off and sadly I don’t think I will be getting any help to pay off my energy bills (or buy a new autumn wardrobe).

Still, as they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going so thank the Lord for the concept that is “quiet quitting”.

Now those who claim this is some form of new phenomenon could not be wider of the mark. No, it didn’t start on TikTok, despite 3.7 million views from the hashtag alone. Nor did it start in China following the Great Resignation.

For anyone interested (come on this is better than reading about marketing isn’t it?) it all started back in 1970s Britain when it was called “work to rule”.

You see, back then everyone was on strike (sound familiar?) but, rather than walk out and lose pay, rail union bosses directed their members to strictly observe their employer’s rulebook. And that is where the problems started.

For example, one rule required that drivers “satisfy themselves that the engine is in proper order” before driving the train. A driver could take some time to be “satisfied” or else be “satisfied” very quickly. If all drivers take longer to “satisfy” themselves, the train system would become hopelessly delayed.

All of which brings me to my own plan. Now, normally this is where the punchline comes in, but, this week, you can bloody well write it. If it was good enough back in the 1970s, it’s good enough now – I am off to “satisfy myself” instead!

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