Drum roll…this week’s award for narcissism goes to…

foxy 414So, here we are again, another week at the coalface of marketing journalism, in what promises to be a Cannes-free zone…well almost. The thing is, I know Busty used to have a great time on the Côte d’Azur but to use a well-worn phrase, is it still relevant?
Our lesser rivals The Drum, Marketing Week and Campaign seem to think so, and despatch their “crack reporters” to the cheapest hotels available in a vain attempt to squeeze something worthwhile out of it all.
In fact, The Drum actually claimed a world exclusive with an interview with that bloke who used to be someone big at WPP. Remember him?
And I quote: “Advertising’s most famous boss addressed the trail of controversy following his sudden exodus [sic] from WPP in April after 33 years at the top in conversation with The Drum’s editor Stephen Lepitak at Cannes Lions today.”
Well, first up, sorry to be pedantic, but for the record, an exodus is a mass departure of people, not just one little fella. Still, what deep insights did their man Lepitak gain, was he able to pull off a Bernstein and Woodward-style exposé? Um, not quite. Funnily enough Sorrell just said that “there’s been some pretty fanciful stuff [printed around] what may or may not have happened”. No denial then.
Then he spent the rest of the interview telling a gushing Lepitak how great his new venture, S4 Capital, was going to be.
Mind you, we should have known better. Earlier on in the week, The Drum did an embarrassingly narcissistic story about its own rebrand under the headline: “Going iconic: how NB Studio created The Drum’s new visual identity.”
Apparently “The Drum has unveiled its new brand – a clean, minimal design from NB Studio that stays true to the brand’s heritage colours of red and white but positions the visual of the publication’s namesake front and centre.”
Er, that’ll be a drum logo then, about as iconic and imaginative as a plate of my granny’s tripe and onions. Still, at least NB Studio are guaranteed a gong at one of The Drum’s numerous awards they insist on promoting more than anything else on that excuse for a marketing magazine website.
Of course, as Foxy and Roxy fans will no doubt recognise, what they should have done was brief McContent & Design. But, hey, there’s just no telling some people…

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