Fat Brits are perfect beach buddies for Foxy the synner

foxy 414So, the summer appears to have arrived at last and my thoughts are naturally turning to getting “beach body ready” in time for our annual trip to the South of France. To be honest, we prefer to go AFTER Cannes when all the adland tossers have departed.

Anyway, due to my Slimming World success – yes, I’m still on it – I only have to shed a few more pounds (well, maybe a stone or two) by the middle of next month.

However, it seems I might not have to work too hard as long as I find some British families to sit near on the beach (you know the ones with the windbreak up and still wearing socks) as new research has revealed Brits are now less healthy than at the height of the pandemic.

According to a recent London Medical Laboratory report, Brits are spending just 19.1 minutes a day on exercise, sports and wellbeing activities in 2024, compared to 29.6 minutes in 2021 during Covid.

In fact, while we only find time to exercise for less than 20 minutes a day, we still manage to find 140 minutes a day to watch TV and 44 minutes a day to stare at our computers and devices (speak for yourself).

London Medical Laboratory clinical lead Dr Avinash Hari Narayanan (MBChB) commented: “Contrary to the general assumption that we all gained weight and let ourselves go during the pandemic, actually it may have been a golden period for our health. UK adults spent a mean average of almost half an hour a day exercising and keeping fit in 2021 as opposed to less than 20 minutes today.

“Compared to the pandemic period, our health and wellbeing is also affected by other ways we now spend our days. Back in 2021, an average of 28.8 minutes a day was spent doing DIY and working in the garden, activities that are also likely to improve our fitness and health. This has now fallen to an average of 11.5 minutes a day.

“Conversely, we are now spending far more time commuting which is likely to be stressful and potentially unhealthy. Back in 2021, we spent just 32.9 minutes a day travelling. This year, we have spent an average of 71.7 minutes a day travelling. Those people who have gone back to the office now spend 433.8 minutes (7.2 hours) at work a day.”

So there you have it, work is bad for you and you’re all getting fatter. Not that I am being smug, but when, like me,  you’re a winner, a synner and a helluva lot thinner, things are looking up. And, once the Tories are toast, my summer will be complete.

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