Forget tofu and beards, give me more matcha

busty idolThe things I do in the name of Decision Marketing. It was all supposed to be so easy, “you can find your friends, co-workers, neighbours and of course total strangers looking to meet someone at Vegan Dating” they promised.
Well, one week in and I’m afraid to report that my quest for vegan love is as limp as a lettuce. To be honest, I should’ve spotted the warning signs when I started my research by visiting, claimed to be the first and only adult site made by and for plant-eaters, set up by the worryingly named “Furry Girl”.
Suffice to say, most of the fellas on also supped at the furry alter – I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many follically-abundant blokes, and that was just their heads – god only knows what was going on ‘downstairs’. Each to their own and all that – and it might be trendy down at the Silicon Roundabout – and but you’re not coming anywhere near me with a face full of fuzz…and I’m certainly not going to be swallowing your tofu either.
I must admit I much prefer the kind of natural – and edible – beauty which our old friend Chris Catchpole is espousing. The one-time purveyor of crushed velvet suits is coming back to the UK with his venture – and his new partner – to launch Kim’s Organic Beauty.
I have no idea what’s in it, but I will definitely be having some of that.
As the now youthful looking Chris enthuses: “I can testify that I can directly see and feel the benefits of everything we sell. It’s a bit like real-life, 24/7 Photoshop – you look better all the time rather than just in touched-up pics! Not only that but they taste delicious too – our coconut oil is pure bliss and my preference is to sprinkle our matcha powder on sugared coconut…”
Judging by his beaming smile, I bet that’s not the only thing which is getting a sprinkling of matcha powder either…

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