Foxy and Roxy ratchet up the new business machine

foxy nSo, it seems, my esteemed editor and his new business partner – the dashingly handsome Ian McCawley – might just be on to something. Is it just me, or did anyone else notice that a certain knight of the realm, the equally dashingly handsome, albeit in a small way, Sir Martin Sorrell is also eyeing up the content marketing sector?
Cue mad panic round these parts to get the new biz function of McContent & Design – “we put craft at the heart of your business” – into full swing. After all, the little big man might not actually know much about content marketing, but he can sure spot a money making opportunity when he sees it.
More importantly, he’s going to need plenty of acquisitions if he’s going to succeed in building the snappily titled S4 Capital into a business to rival WPP.
And, dear Foxy fans, guess who has just landed the role of McContent & Design new business director? Yep, I’ve been promoted already…No pressure then.
Not that my bosses seem to be giving me much support. McCawley has buggered off for the week to fatten up his family at a full board hotel in Menorca and McKelvey has buggered off to fatten up himself for a change.
Ah well, to be honest, it is so much easier to get on with some work with those two out of the way. No more constant distractions and “natural breaks” down the pub. And, with Roxy as my trusty side-kick, I reckon we might have a chance of actually making this business into something by the time they get back.
The thing is, I have learned from the best, my cousin Busty. How hard can new business be when you have the looks and the brains?
In fact, the diary is already filling up fast with “chemistry meetings”, and I am sure you will believe me when I say, with the brand of chemistry I am planning, we are not talking C6H2(NO2)3CH3; → : 7C + 5H + 3N + 6O. McTinder & Design anyone?


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