Foxy exposes the dangers of bending over backwards

foxy 414You know sometimes, just sometimes, it is nice to sit back and admire a good job well done. In fact, sometimes, just sometimes, you might even get a pat on the back for doing it, too.

And so it was earlier this week, dear Foxy fans, when Roxy and I got a highly complimentary email from our client at the Virgina Museum, gushing about our marvellous work. To be fair, we knew we had cracked it at the tissue meetings but when we finally peeled down the brief, offered up our scamps, the client was quite literally cock-a-hoop.

Of course, modesty prevents us from quoting directly and I wouldn’t want to make our client blush but she was vayjayjay happy that we smashed it…

Now some might shy away from working for such an institution. I mean, one slip of the tongue and you could quite literally be knee deep in it but suffice to say, we are all over Vulva Towers like a rash.

Anyway, I was just enjoying a moment when up popped a message from Campaign magazine, telling me they were missing our entry for Agency of the Year.

Blimey, I thought, word must have got around that McContent & Design are going places when even Campaign has heard of us. And there was me thinking that they only ever write about half a dozen London agencies…

But, no, apparently “throughout Campaign’s history, the awarding of our Agency of the Year awards has been a real highlight in our calendar – recognise (sic) inspiring leadership, creative excellence, outstanding business performance and overall achievements for both agencies and individuals”. Might need to work on the grammar there, guys. Mind you, at £625 + VAT a pop just to enter, I would expect an extravaganza of a party to announce all the winners, although it seems there isn’t one…

The same, it seems, can’t be said of Advertising Week – the self-proclaimed “premier event for marketing, brand, advertising, and technology professionals” – which ensured last week’s event in New York will be remembered for many a year…

You see they bent over backwards to make it look like they cared about diversity and equality, with nearly 30 separate seminars and events like Raising the Stories of Women Who Came Before Us, #RewriteHerStory, and The State of Women’s Representation in Advertising.

However, this all unravelled rapidly by closing the event with Telly Savalas-lookalike Pitbull, complete with his 1970s-style glitter covered booty shakers who were also bending over backwards, only in a different way.

Then again, Advertising Week’s promise of a “one-of-a-kind experience that offers world-class entertainment” is not too far off Spearmint Rhino’s, which insists it is “the world leader in premier entertainment”. With so much in common, maybe next year they will go the whole hog and hold the event together…

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