Foxy looks to brew up a storm with the zythophiles

foxy 414Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee a brewer’s life for me. That’s right fans, my new craft ale “Foxy over a Barrel” is coming along nicely and is giving me a permanent smile as we enter week six of what would otherwise be lockdown misery.

You see, this brewing malarkey might be hard work in the beginning, with all that mashing, sparging, boiling and cooling to sort out, but, after that, it’s just sitting back and waiting.

With the 14 days of fermentation up on Sunday, I’ll be able to get my first mouthful when bottling begins. Then, it’s just a few short weeks until the first 40 pints are ready.

Now, I must admit, I’d thought about getting a few zythophiles involved. You know the sort; fat folk with beards and ill-fitting T-shirts who spout on about the authenticity of small breweries and the like.

Then it struck me, why not get Busty’s old favourite, Pete “I’m from Barnsley lass, I know my fookin’ ales” Brown to chip in. He even goes under the name of @PeteBrownBeer on Twitter, that’s how knowledgeable he is. And, this is the fella who in his first marvellous book, “Man walks into a pub”, managed to list more than 100 terms for getting bladdered (most of which I have been at one time or another).

The thing is, I know I’d only have to take his missus (the-one-time-PR-to-the-stars-who-simply-can’t-be-arsed-with-all-that-bollocks-any-more-and-is-now-a-literary-luvvie-Liz-Vater) out for a couple and she’ll have a word and soon “Foxy over a Barrel” will be flying off the shelves.

But for once I want to make a success of this on my own terms (also he’s a zythophile, he might hate it!).

Anyway, just so we’re all above board, I’ve briefed McContent & Design (remember them?) to come up with the brand strategy, design strategy, content strategy, and strategy strategy – with the lockdown, we’ve got bugger all else to do.

And, after all, if we can make a decent fist of the Vagina Museum launch, imagine what we can do for “Foxy over a Barrel”…

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