Foxy secures some light relief from heavy work schedule

foxy 414It’s been said many times, and even I am getting bored of saying it, but it’s not easy being me, you know, especially at this time of year.
With my esteemed bosses already in the swing of their Christmas entertainment schedules – who said the agency lunch is dead? – I’ve been cutting a rather lonely figure here in McKelvey’s front room; even Roxy has been getting more invitations than me…
Now while that might give me some time to draw up my Christmas pressie wish-list, seeing the dynamic duo of McKelvey and McCawley rolling in at 7pm stinking of booze is not exactly everyone’s idea of a dream job.
Mind you, I was promised that help was at hand with the publication of a new book, entitled “It Doesn’t Have To Be Crazy At Work”. If only I had time to read the bloody thing.
According to the blurb, enduring long hours, carrying excessive workloads, and functioning with a lack of sleep have become badges of honour for modern professionals.
However, it argues that these realities should be marks of stupidity; the answer to better productivity isn’t more hours – it’s less waste and fewer things that induce distraction and persistent stress. It’s time to stop celebrating ‘crazy’ and start celebrating ‘calm’.
Apparently Charles Darwin wrote 19 books, including the Origin of the Species, by working just 4 hours a day and Colson Whitehead writes for 5 hours a day and then takes a year off between projects to play video games.
Must have taken a leaf out of McKelvey’s book…
Anyway, I was just starting to feel a bit glum when up popped a message from Busty’s old flame, Maurading Mike, who has invited me to his place in Marbella for a pre-Christmas treat.
It might not have to be crazy at work, but by all accounts it will surely be crazy with him…

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