Foxy seeks some home comforts as autumn descends

foxy 414Oh the joys of autumn, as Keats wrote: “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun; Conspiring with him how to load and bless, With fruit the vines that round the thatch-eves run.” Yeh, yeh, and, of course, a new autumn wardrobe, too.
Not that I will be doing much clothes shopping this weekend, you understand, as I am back home in Bolton for a special party for my “birthday week” and I don’t think the shell suits up here will quite cut it at the DMA Awards, do you?
But having been down South now for over six months I must admit that I am missing the old place. I mean, where else can you sample the delights of a pound-bakery, pound-pub and a pound-chippy, where they even throw in the gravy for nowt?
But, dear readers, it is not only a pleasure trip. I am also tapping up a new business lead for McContent & Design (remember them?), which hopefully will bring a happy ending to my birthday week.
Over at Campaign, however, the 50th celebrations are still in full swing – over 60 stories now and counting – although it appears that Stephen Foster, the man behind MoreAboutAdvertising, is not too chuffed with the history rewrite.
According to him, the list of “the editors who shaped Campaign” is far from complete, (well, as he is keen to point out, he did actually work there but can’t remember what he did) and omits at least two “stars” including his old pal Michael Chamberlain.
Funnily enough, it was the very same Michael Chamberlain who defected from Haymarket to launch Marketing Week, no doubt much to the annoyance of Michael Heseltine and his “brilliant business partner” Lindsay Masters. Chamberlain went on to appoint Foster as editor.
What do you mean this an incestuous business? Let’s just hope they both get a good mention when Marketing Week publishes its 50th anniversary edition in 2028 otherwise there will be all hell to pay…

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