How Foxy found the perfect place for a job with purpose

foxy 414Ever wondered what “modern marketers” are looking for in their jobs these days? I must admit it had never even crossed my mind, but hey, needs must and all that and, anyway, when the hallowed World Federation of Advertisers conducts a survey maybe we should all sit up and take note.

To be honest, I just assumed, like the rest of us, most marketers simply want an interesting job and a nice salary, throw in some overseas travel, and, of course, plenty of perks and surely Bob is your mum’s brother.

Well, apparently not, these days marketers are desperate for the companies they work for to have a “strong/clear corporate purpose and mission”, followed by “strong brands” and a “solid track record of performance”.

WFA boss Stephan Loerke reckons: “Marketing talent is more selective than ever; seeking to work for brands and companies that have clear values and a vision that goes above and beyond driving business performance and delivers meaningful and measurable societal benefit.”

And where do they think these attributes are to be found? Why Apple, Unilever and Procter & Gamble, of course. Just by chance, they are three of the richest companies in the world, which just so happen to be among the biggest payers too, who will no doubt offer an interesting job and a nice salary, throw in some overseas travel, and, of course, plenty of perks. Ho hum.

A rather more interesting question, and one that is definitely more fitting for this column (what do you mean it’s supposed to be about marketing?) is: have you ever wondered how your man measures up in the bedroom?

I must admit I think about little else, and it seems I’m in sync with the 4,550 women who were quizzed by our friends over at and asked to list the physical attributes of men they have had the best sex with.

You see, it is fellas with beards, brown eyes, piercings, and tatts who give us the best seeing to; good job then that I got over my doubts about Desperate Dan – the Southern Softie who’s hard in all the right places – just in time for a Valentine’s Day massacre in the bedroom.  Now that’s what I call a job with purpose…

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