In Bed With Foxy: Madonna, Nile, virginity and butt slaps

foxy 414“All of the people around us they say, Can they be that close, Just let me state for the record, We’re giving love in a family dose. We are family, I got all my sisters with me, We are family, Get up everybody and sing!”

Yep, sisters, I’ve been up and down the Nile all week and I feel I really am “family” with everyone’s favourite Chic man, who aged 68 is still as “gawgeous” as ever.

Now, I’m sure you’ll all have read McKelvey’s exclusive interview with the living legend, and even I have to admit (rather begrudgingly) it was a stroke of genius getting Nile to talk about how much he loved data.

But, fear not, I have a few out-takes and titbits of my own, and possibly the makings of the inaugural “In Bed With Foxy” column, featuring the triple whammy of Madonna, virginity and arse slapping.

Oh God, I do love a bit of Madge and, so it seems, does Nile as he admitted: “Madonna taught me a huge lesson. I wanted her album to be really successful, so I thought let’s just choose her best song, and that album is loaded with great songs. So, I said let’s take Material Girl, which was written by Peter Brown.

“But Madonna said that, to a young woman, losing her virginity is one of the most important moments of her life and so I had to go with her heart and soul. And not only did she go with it as the first single, she called the album Like A Virgin too. But she knew what she was doing, that album sold over 21 million copies.”

However, perhaps the best part was when my esteemed editor had to go to the loo in the middle of the interview (it’s an age thing) while Nile was explaining that, as he was no longer living in the zeitgeist, he didn’t know what us young women like in bed anymore.

He explained: “In many music videos today you see a guy dancing with a girl and slapping her butt. In today’s world, to some people, that feels like it might be sexy and the girl is really enjoying it. Now, I’ve never heard a girl in my life – and I’ve had a lot of girls – say ‘Can you please slap my butt now’.”

Well, Nile, I’m sure I can speak for all of us, including Roxy, Peggy and Meggy from Skeggy, the Vault of the Vayjayjay girls, and the rest of the sisterhood, when I say: “YOU CAN SLAP OUR BUTTS ANYTIME YOU LIKE!”

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