Parliament might be well hung, but how about you?

busty idolNow I will be the first to admit, I don’t really understand the ins and outs of the political world but even I can tell that the vicar’s daughter got a good spanking last night. Yep, Theresa will be very sore this morning.
Chance would be a fine thing. I actually spent General Election night all alone, although I do like the sound of a hung parliament. In fact, I like the sound of anything that is well hung, especially as this is “National Sex Day” apparently.
Cue a message which popped up from Jackie Marlow at ISBA inviting me to their annual lunch, when  “over 400 of the industry’s most respected advertisers and industry leaders gather at The Dorchester to celebrate our industry, network and hear from the new CEO and chairman of Publicis Groupe, Arthur Sadoun”.
Out of 400 there must be a few fellas in there who could tickle my fancy. Anyway, I was just about to rifle off my acceptance when I noticed that they want to charge me £215 (+VAT, of course) for the privilege. Don’t they know who I am?
Whatever happened to the good old days when trade bodies – and agencies for that matter – were so desperate to get coverage that they would stoop to any measure to ensure they curry favour?
Of course, back in the day, lunch at The Ivy would have been sufficient, although there have been tales of top of the range motors, tickets to concerts, football and rugby, and even, heaven forbid, a week in Cannes in June. Oh those were the days.
Not that it was all one way traffic, of course. One former DM correspondent of the self-proclaimed “advertising bible” freely admitted that she had shagged at least four DM agency heads “with their name above the door”. I really hope she got some good stories for that.
Good job then that there has been such a massive response to my Alternative Summer Lunch plans that I am thinking of upgrading my EasyHotel room to one with actual windows and everything – after all, we might need to come up for air at some stage.
If many more people want to squeeze in, I might even have to start selling tickets – mind you, if you are hung, you will be given preferential rates of course…

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