Revealed: the biggest story of the week wasn’t here

busty idolPhew what a scorcher. I must admit this week I have not been doing much work, mostly because here at DecisionMarketing the wi-fi connection doesn’t quite stretch to the garden at McKelvey HQ, and he’s too tight to pay for me to log on at the beach. Ah well, his loss.
Still, for those of you who have been too busy to look at the news, there is little sign of the silly season. After all, we have a new woman Prime Minister, Brexit is not so bad after all (honestly), people have been warned not to drive and play Pokémon Go (WTF?), the weather’s been great, a BT power cut has sparked chaos, charities are screwed (for a change), and Boris Johnson has made a tit of himself (what’s new?).
In other news, marketers have been told to look at porn sites to find out what they should be doing. If that is the case, my esteemed boss must be a bloody marketing god.
Not that you would necessarily know all of these developments from reading that very serious business title, the self-proclaimed “iconic weekly Campaign magazine”.
You may recall, this is the publication which promised that mediocrity would be the enemy and that it would “bring together specialist journalists and commentators from across the advertising, marketing and media industries to track, analyse and inspire creativity that builds brands and businesses”.
It also pledged to “take a deeper look at the consumer and industry trends that are shaping and inspiring the best new thinking”.
So, dear readers, what was the big story this week, what world exclusive did those “specialist journalists” uncover? Why, Sir Martin Sorrell is having a kid, of course.
Under the headline, “Sorrell expects to be father again aged 71”, it went on to say that he and his wife are “delighted” – no shit. Not that its crack team even found that out themselves – they actually nicked the story from the Daily Mail. (That’s why we didn’t get it, I wouldn’t wipe my not inconsiderable arse on that rag.)
Still, it’s good to see that there is still a place for serious journalism over in Teddington.

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