Jaywing ties with Leeds Uni for MSc analytics course

leedsJaywing has signed another academic partnership in the field of data science and its use in marketing, with Leeds Institute for Data Analytics at the University of Leeds to support an MSc course in Consumer Analytics and Marketing Strategy.
The course, which launches in September 2016, is designed to develop students’ practical application of data analysis in a commercial environment.
Following Jaywing’s collaboration with Imperial College to study, understand and predict emotional responses to marketing stimuli, this most recent partnership sees the company focus on bringing real world marketing analytics and techniques to enhance the relevance of the post-graduate course.
The course, developed and delivered jointly by the University of Leeds Business School, School of Geography and the ESRC Consumer Data Research Centre is claimed to be a UK first.
Through advanced training using emerging data analytics techniques, including big data analytics, machine learning and text analytics, the collaboration aims to unlock the potential value of consumer-related data to benefit researchers in business, government and society.
As part of the agreement, Jaywing, which has around half of its 600 employees based in its Leeds office and Sheffield headquarters, will be providing a number of guest lectures covering the use of analytics within a commercial environment.
The lectures will give the students insight into the practical application of analysis, and an introduction to the skills and technologies that are needed to engage today’s customer most effectively – increasing their prospects to help fulfil the economic demand for Big Data analysts.
Jaywing’s data science managing director Ben O’Brien said: “This partnership is a great fit for Jaywing. The MSc course gives students strong insight into the way that data analysis can transform brands’ understanding of the customers they deal with, and the use of the latest analytical techniques. At the same time, we can give students practical knowledge of the way analytics is used in a commercial context, and show them how what they’ve learned on the course can act as a springboard into a career in data analytics.
“Our hope is that by working with one of the UK’s leading Universities, we can further enhance the relevance of the course, as well as potentially extending some employment opportunities, particularly with the recent launch of our analytics hub, which will be based in our new Sheffield HQ.”
Professor Matthew Robson of the University of Leeds, who is programme director for the course, said, “Jaywing is an extremely impressive, forward thinking business with obvious ambition for the specialist fields it works in. The course we’ve designed combines academic rigour with real world thinking, much as Jaywing does itself, and provides a clear path to employment for its students.”

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