Smaller charities to escape donor opt-out scheme

Charities hit again as row escalates.jpg 1DMA head of preference services John Mitchison has tried to allay fears over the impending Fundraising Preference Service by insisting only the largest charities – those which spend more than £100,000 a year on direct marketing – are likely to have to sign up.
Mitchison, who is a member of the working party, is the latest to wade into the debate over the FPS, amid fears it could have a serious impact on the sector.
Speaking at a DMA event this week, Mitchison said: “It seemed a bit much to ask every little scout group or church fund to use the FPS, so there will be a threshold on the size of the organisation that is asked to use the service and it is likely to be larger charities, those with expenditure on direct marketing of over £100,000 a year,”
He also claimed the FPS was likely to give consumers the option to continue receiving marketing from some charities.
“Rather than opting out of all charity fundraising communications, people might want to say ‘all except my particular favourites’ – these animal charities, or whatever they might be,” he said. “So there will be an allowance in the FPS for that kind of thing.”
Mitchison also confirmed that FPS registrations were likely to last for a limited period, and that, where appropriate, consumers would be encouraged to sign up to either the Telephone Preference Service or the Mailing Preference Service.
However, it is not all good news; earlier this week Information Commissioner’s Office confirmed charities which ignore the FPS would still be in breach of the law – and liable for fines of up to £500,000 – despite the fact that it is not a stautory requirement.
The new Fundraising Regulator has said it will release a discussion paper outlining its final proposals in the coming weeks.

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