Roxy and Foxy offer to help all ‘snooty agency types’

foxy nTell you what, this launching an agency malarkey is certainly keeping Roxy and me on our toes. If McContent & Design (which no doubt you will be aware of by now “puts craft at the heart of your business”) carries on like this, we might actually be forced to hire some of the scores of people who have contacted us begging for work.
I say “we” loosely. Roxy and I still haven’t been paid for our labours, let alone seen a new contract, even though we are hard at it every day. Not only are writing the whole of Decision Marketing, we’re also holding more McTinder threesome “chemistry” meetings than a Pornhub star. Mind you, we do seem to be going down better than Stormy Daniels…
Our esteemed bosses, the, er, “dynamic duo” of McCawley and McKelvey haven’t been seen for days. Of course, we are both well used to that from the latter, but now McCawley is putting in a remarkable performance as the Scarlet Pimpernel, too.
The last time he was in the office was Monday, when he wobbled in after what looked like a very “weighty” break in Menorca with his family. He then muttered something about having to go into hospital on Thursday to have his bollock sorted but vanished before we could even enquire whether he had shaved both or just one.
Talking of bollocks, whoever handles Atomic London’s “content strategy” might find themselves in a spot of bother after someone had the bright idea to get creative partner Dave Henderson to slag off the new, and I quote, “shameful” Paddy Power ad in Campaign magazine, only to discover it was actually just a teaser for a collaboration with Greenpeace.
Campaign has tried to put a brave face on it by claiming that Paddy Power has now apologised for causing such a stink, although it was hardly grovelling. A spokesman said: “We are sorry that you were upset by the image. We need more snowflakes like you guys in the world – albeit in the Russian Arctic rather than on Twitter.”
This was followed by Paddy Power head of major brand activations Paul Mallon quipping: “By all means, accuse us of bad puns, being offensive, or being morally bankrupt. We don’t mind offending Gant-wearing, snooty agency types.” Ouch.
But where do this leave poor old Davey boy? Was he commissioned to write the piece by Campaign? Did his PR agency put him forward? Whichever one it was, he needs help.
Luckily, here at McContent & Design we do like a challenge. Give us a ring fella, and we’ll see what we can do to rescue your reputation…


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