Sick and tired? Cheer yourself up with the A List Party

foxy 414Well, did you enjoy your four-day week? What do you mean you don’t know what I am banging on about (no change there)? Why, I am talking about Monday’s National Sickie Day, of course, when every self-respecting staffer is entitled to blag one. C’mon it’s the law…

Rather annoyingly, it’s the law everywhere else apart from here; I was too busy writing about National Sickie Day to actually pull one. But at least I wasn’t alone in the Decision Marketing Nerve Centre – otherwise known as McKelvey’s front room – for once I was joined by our very own Ian “sicknote” McCawley.

Oh the irony; now he’s working for himself he’s realised that skiving off actually costs him money. Not that he did much graft or craft, apart from feasting on my Jussipussi (it’s Finnish bread you pervs!) and getting a little over-excited at my Patsy Kensit boxset. I might have to let it slip that March is National Bed Month so he can have a lie down all next month.

Someone who definitely looks like they could do with a decent kip is Wunderman’s Steve “I now have the same haircut as Lisa Thomas” Aldridge. If the pictures from this week’s Campaign A List party at Blame Gloria are anything to go by he’s KNACKERED! Never mind Blame Gloria, Blame Mel.

Still, Steve’s not the only one who sticks out in the fascinating “A List party: in pictures” feature, which apparently shows “adland’s greats”. If that’s the “crème de la crème of the industry” no wonder it’s screwed.

And quite what Moray MacLennan’s got to smile about is anyone’s guess. (Hasn’t anyone told him, the agency he runs is embroiled in an ACCOUNTING SCANDAL? Maybe it was his last night of freedom.)

Tellingly, Dame Anna Wintour wannabe and Campaign global editor in chief Claire Beale is featured in so many of the pictures it almost looks like it’s her leaving do. Mind you, I see that now Jezza Lee has gone freelance, the ravishingly handsome Ian Darby is back by her side. Surely he’s not going to be the new editor is he?

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