Why Busty’s not joining the ‘muffia’

gossip-three-23-300x30011Bids for the “Big Night In With Busty” have certainly been gathering pace since I revealed I’d got my sticky mitts on a pair of Google Glass, but the auction shuts on Monday so, as the saying goes, cum and have a go if you think you’re hard enough.
In the meantime, I’m glad to see that good old Cilla Snowball has been coming out in support of the sisterhood. After all, us girls can’t always rely on our feminine wiles to get on in agency-land.
Not that I’ll suddenly be employing a load of women at Busty’s Direct Sales & Marketing (BDSM for short, of course). You see, I like to surround myself with fit, young men and my rather gorgeous Dutch creative director, Hans Alloverme, is under strict instructions to keep any potential rivals to little ol’ Busty well away, even though we are staffing up at the moment. There’s certainly not going to be an agency ‘muffia’ round here…My boys know who’s in control and that’s the way I like it.
However, the search continues for a decent fella to spice up my personal life. As you know, dear readers, I do love a dating site. What’s not to like? Admittedly there’s a lot of chaff to sort through but you do get to see your potential suitor’s vital statistics, as well as his vital parts if you’re lucky, before you even have to meet him. I find it saves a lot of disappointment further down the line.
But according to new research, those who get together via online dating sites enjoy happier relationships and are less likely to break up, than those who meet at the bar, workplace or on a blind date.
Mind you, seeing some of those saddos online, it’s hardly a surprising statistic – many of them are so ugly that of course they’re likely to hang on to any partner they can get hold of as soon as they find one.
Not so, of course, the “lookist” dating community BeautifulPeople.com, which is launching a recruitment agency brand extension. The boss of the site, which boasts 750,000 stunners, claimed: “Attractive people tend to make a better first impression on clients, win more business and earn more. But this isn’t an invitation for crack-pots to come and ogle our beautiful members.” Yeh right.
Somehow I doubt whether localslappers.com, shagbook.com and grannyslappers.co.uk are likely to follow suit, but I’ll certainly be having a little peak on BeautifulPeople. After all,  there could be plenty of potential recruits for BDSM and my personal life. You could say, that would fill both my holes at once…

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  2. Hilarious ……“@BustyIdol: Why Busty is ignoring Cilla Snowball’s call for us girls to be treated better in adland http://t.co/Zt4s86Gujs”

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