Why Foxy’s thirsty to know if booze boosts brain power

foxy 414Well, here we are again. Another week, and more marvellous musings to dispatch before I can have a well earned weekend break. Mind you, dear Foxy fans, it’s not been the easiest.

Not least because for some reason my email inbox has been even more under siege than usual, with pesky PRs trying to get me to run their tedious stories (YES, SARAH, I MEAN YOU!), although obviously I wouldn’t want to tar them all with the same brush. Sometimes PRs can be a delight (YES, SARAH I MEAN YOU!).

This is just one of the many reasons why I don’t think I will ever see eye to eye with Sir Martin Sorrell, the one-man PR machine, who ironically stands head and shoulders above everyone when it comes to generating column inches.

You see, this week the little big man claimed that digital natives (whoever they are) view public relations as an analogue discipline, complete with press releases and gin-soaked lunches. Hmm, just goes to show what digital natives – and Sorrell for that matter – know then. If there is one thing that keeps this marketing world going, it is ALCOHOL.

And, for those seeking proof, look no further than a new US study which has revealed that guzzling a set number of drinks each week can have a positive effect on cognitive function.

Yep, you read it here last, according to the ten-year Health & Retirement Study, carried out by the University of Michigan on nearly 20,000 Americans, boozing boosts brain power.

Now, sadly you are only supposed to have ONE DRINK A DAY to feel the benefits, but in the name of science I decided to do my own research to put that to the test and I’m pleased to report that after only a pint of Foxy Over A Barrel my mind was buzzing.

In fact, two pints in and I was wiping the floor with the contestants of Pointless; three pints and The Chase was a cinch; four pints I was crowning myself Mastermind and after ten pints I made Stephen Fry look like both Dumb and Dumber (well, I was seeing double).

Mind you, come the morning, with the room still spinning, I certainly didn’t feel quite so clever then…

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