100m get SMS ads in one month

Brand owners reached more than 100 million mobile phone users via SMS marketing in September alone, across the so-called EU5 countries of the UK, France, Germany and Spain, according to a new study.
Conversely, more than 57 million subscribers recalled seeing an ad on their mobile phone when browsing the Internet or accessing an application. Smartphone owners accounted for more than half of the subscribers who received and recalled seeing Web/App ads, says the comScore report.
The increasing use of devices such as the iPhone is opening up greater opportunities for mobile marketing, as they enable easy click-throughs to brands’ websites. Some 30.2 per cent of mobile subscribers across the five European countries now own a smartphone.
Across the EU5 countries, SMS ads reached 43.6 per cent of the 230.5 million mobile users in September, while Web/App ads were seen and recalled by nearly a quarter of users. The most common type if SMS ad recalled was product, service or brand information, which 60 million mobile users received, equalling a 26.3 percent reach across the EU5 countries.
When it comes to response, charity campaigns top the rankings with 11.6 per cent response, while coupons and discounts had a 10.3 per cent response. SMS advertising products, services or brands garnered the lowest response rate, at 5.7 per cent.

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