30m donor file gets major overhaul

Charity money collection boxesCharity marketers are being offered the chance to delve deeper into the 30 million records held on one of the UK’s leading data pools, Reciprocate, following a major overhaul which has created a single donor view of known charity givers.
First launched 25 years ago by Response One, it now has 60 charity members. In the private sector, huge market advantages are being gained through complex analysis and targeting. But the challenge for charities, many with limited marketing spend, is to find insight that is relevant and can be simply applied.
The biggest change members will notice following the refresh is the development of a custom database that brings together all information into a single donor view, paving the way for cutting-edge analysis.
St Ives-owned Response One claims the updates will ensure the scheme remains relevant to an ever-more complex market, allowing charities to quickly identify not only the best prospects but also the optimal ask level, the best channel and even the most appropriate creative approach.
The database will also be offering new tools to ensure members are getting the best possible lifetime value from donors, once they have been recruited. These include identifying conversion and upgrade prospects, gift aid-eligible donors and even donors who represent a risk of reduced giving.
“Reciprocate has always been about supporting charities to meet their fundraising goals,” says Response One head of charity development Ben Carter. “These much needed updates will make sure we can continue to deliver an excellent service.”
The company claims research has consistently shown that Reciprocate remains one of the most effective means of recruiting new donors, with response rates far ahead of any other media. Additionally, wherever charities have conducted lifetime value research they have found that supporters recruited via Reciprocate outperform all others, donating more and for longer.
According to the latest benchmarking studies, use of Reciprocate data gives a return on campaign investment of 39% more than typical charity lists, and more than double that of typical cold lists.
Carter explained: “The reason for this is pretty simple. Reciprocate is a pool of active donors so these are people who respond to appeals and give to multiple charities. Where better to look for supporters of your cause? These changes will help members raise more money for their cause or build lasting relationships that will ensure more income in the future.”

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