82% of public get nuisance calls

angry_man1The telemarketing industry has found itself in the dock once more after an Ofcom study revealed that over 82% of consumers are getting nuisance marketing calls on their landlines.
The rise, which has been slammed by the DMA, has been sparked by a swathe of calls about Payment Protection Insurance (PPI).
According to the Ofcom research, four in five (82%) UK adults reported experiencing a nuisance call in a four-week fieldwork period. Over half (54%) reported experiencing a silent calls, and an estimated 17% received an abandoned call.
A quarter of those survey were getting reported more than 10 nuisance calls over the four week period, with upmarket consumers more likely to be targeted than the lower socio-economic groups.
Commenting on Ofcom’s findings Mike Lordan, chief of operations for the Direct Marketing Association said: “Ofcom’s latest findings on nuisance calls aren’t unexpected given the rise in the number of companies operating outside the law, although 82% is higher than previously reported figures.
“Companies cold calling people registered with the Telephone Preference Service are causing serious harm to the reputable telemarketing industry.
“The regulators must use enforcement action to protect the consumer, as well as the interests of the vast majority of companies that comply with the law and adhere to the highest standards of best practice. However, we know that there are companies that are breaking the law at the same time, so we look forward to seeing more enforcement action by those responsible.”

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3 Comments on "82% of public get nuisance calls"

  1. 82% of adults have received nuisance calls.. http://t.co/fj6KWgffUO make sure you are compliant!

  2. Charlie says: “Two nuisance calls a week? Who are they trying to kid? At least two nuisance calls a day is more like it…You have to wonder who is sitting on this panel. Perhaps unsurprisingly those at home more are far more likely to receive these calls, however, it does not mention how many of these people are signed up to the Telephone Preference Service or whether that is being adhered to. The way many contact centres are operating will soon mean that there are fewer and fewer people to target, which will accelerate sign-ups even more. Soon the whole nation will be on the TPS. Then, where will telemarketers go?”

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