Ad bombardment triggers exodus from social media

facebook 3As the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram dream up ever more ingenious ways for brands to advertise, this bombardment has triggered over half of all Britons to stop or cut down on their use of social media.
That is the claim made by new research commissioned by Lithium Technologies and conducted by Harris Poll, which reveals that over two-thirds of UK adults (67%) don’t like it when brands target them on social media, and a large majority (80%) prefer to connect with actual people on social channels.
Although the findings show that social media can be a valuable tool for marketers, brands need to focus on engaging on a much more personal level, as opposed to using the channel to mass broadcast to followers.
And while Britons are far more likely to turn to family and friends when making purchasing decisions, websites which contain peer reviews also score highly when consumers look for information about a product or service. The data reveals that seven in ten UK adults will not buy something that does not have positive online reviews.
The influence of celebrity endorsement is also on the rise, with 40% aged 35 to 40 trusting celebrities a fair amount, up from 26% in 2014. The emergence of new digital platforms, such as Instagram and Pinterest, has contributed to this trend, with more people having access to a glimpse into the lives of celebrities.
Lithium Technologies marketing director EMEA Fabrice Etienne commented: “Brands need to be aware that direct advertising and pushing information broadcast style on social media isn’t effective.
“It’s also important to understand who holds the most influence, where their customers go to do their research, and which sources they trust most.”

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