Berks town ‘hanky panky capital’

hanky pankyMaidenhead has been crowned the “hanky panky capital of the UK” after a data analysis uncovered that the Berkshire town has the highest proportion of people per population who are after a bit on the side.
Illicit Encounters, a dating website specialising in extra-marital affairs, has revealed the findings of a data crunch of its membership, based on 140 UK towns and cities with a population above 50,000.
According to the results of the most cheater-ridden towns, Maidenhead came out on top, with 2.07% of the population straying from their partner, followed closely by Livingston, Farnborough and Loughborough. Bracknell, Beeston, Aldershot, Gravesend, Gosport and Taunton also feature in the top ten.
Perhaps unsurprisingly London comes out on top in terms of numbers, with 114,845 people looking for some “extra-marital”. But there is better news for the residents of Bournemouth, which was named as the place where couples are the most faithful.
“It is fascinating to see the breakdown of how many people are looking for affairs in your local area, who wouldn’t want to see if they live in a hanky-panky hotspot?,” said spokesman Mike Taylor. “We have already had thousands of people visiting the website looking to see where their home town ranks compared with their friends.”
The interactive Infidelity Index allows people to search a town or postcode and discover how many people in their area are registered on the UK’s largest married dating site. The check out your own location click here >
Earlier this year Ware in Herfordshire was named the porn capital of Britain, according to a data analysis carried out by website Pornhub which shows the residents of the small town spend more time on the site than anyone else in Britain.

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