‘suffers most downtime’

Boots-300x225Boots’ website has suffered the most downtime out of nearly 50 of the UK’s most popular retail site, according to tests conducted by server monitoring software provider Uptime.
The company monitored 49 websites from September 8 to October 11, including NetFlix, Asda, John Lewis, House of Fraser and Top Shop, finding that only 32 met the industry standard of 99% availability.
The 17 whose sites were down included Carphone Warehouse, Currys, Travelodge UK, ASOS, Debenhams, and TheTrainline but only Boots, with 96.77%, went below the 98% mark.
The report shows that, which is primarily an online shopping website for health and beauty products but also offers advice, had nearly 26 hours of downtime in the 33-day period.
An Uptime spokesman explained that the firm tested all of the homepages of the websites every five minutes to check whether they were available. He added: “Downtime could be caused by problems with the server, technical issues or perhaps excessive maintenance on the website, which causes it to be unavailable.” had several hours of downtime on September 14, September 20, and a 12-hour period on October 8.
Meanwhile, 14 out of the 49 websites had 100% uptime during the testing period, including those for Amazon, Apple, Tesco, Ikea and Marks & Spencer.

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  1. Oh dear, Boots website suffers more downtime than any other top 50 site #directmarketing #digitalmarketing #data

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