BT mailer goes to ‘Melon Porkface’

BT mailer goes to ‘Melon Porkface’BT bosses have been left with egg on their faces after a Nottinghamshire woman opened up a direct mailing only to find it was addressed “Dear Mr Melon Porkface”.
Tales of such bungling are of course legendary; none more so than the BA loyalty club member who received a missive addressed to Dear Rich Bastard in the Nineties.
However, Lynn Dixon – from Ashford, who is not even a BT customer – managed to see the funny side of being on the wrong end of the latest blunder, which promoted the company’s Infinity broadband service.
The company is currently running a major TV campaign for the scheme, devised by AMV; its direct marketing account is handled by OgilvyOne, although it is not known which mailing houses – where the cock-up is likely to have originated – work on the business.
Dixon told the Western Mail: “I was offended at first but when I calmed down I saw the funny side. I figured it was probably a disgruntled employee or someone having a really bad day. But I do wonder how the letter managed to get through the printing system – surely someone would have noticed at some point?
“Luckily I’m not somebody who has issues with food or my weight but it went to someone who did, they could have been quite hurt by it and taken it personally.”
BT has apologised for the mistake and asked her to destroy the offending letter. However, it refused to explain how the missive got through or which company had been responsible.

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