Clubcard to be even more personal

Clubcard to be even more personalTesco bosses have dismissed recent calls for the company to slash Clubcard spending by pledging to get even more personal in its marketing, maintaining that the loyalty programme is “the glue that brings it all together”.
As widely predicted, the retailer has confirmed it will roll out a digital wallet later this year, transforming the loyalty scheme into a “connected and multichannel” format that consumers can use via their computers and smartphones.
Group multichannel director Robin Terrell reiterated that Clubcard remains at the heart of all Tesco’s plans, adding: “When we think of Tesco, we don’t just think of 3,000 stores, we think about the customer. [Clubcard] drives customer loyalty and helps personalise and tailor our offer.”
He said that offers, prices and deals offered through Clubcard would become even more personalised in the future, while there will be greater collaboration with partners to give customers better offers.
“[We want] Clubcard to be the common currency among all brands – Giraffe, Blinkbox [etc.] – beyond the core brand.”
New digital schemes being trialled in the “futuristic multichannel journey” include scan as you shop mobile, Clubcard check-in and Clubcard voucher prompting.
Robin Terrell, group multichannel director, added: “In 2014 these futuristic multichannel journeys are going to be a reality for customers.”
He added that customers who shop for food products in-store and online spend twice as much as those who shop online only. When adding general merchandise shopping online into the equation this figure trebled. Currently just 4% of Tesco customers shop in all three ways, but the figure has grown 17% year-on-year.

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