Consumers blast invasive mobile ads

Consumers blast 'invasive' mobile adsMobile advertising may be bulking up faster than a body-builder on steroids but the vast majority of UK consumers still consider it an invasion of privacy, with even more saying they hate seeing the same ad multiple times.
According to the latest Advertising Association/Warc figures, mobile advertising budgets are set to increase by 73% during 2014 and a further 45% next year. The discipline already accounts for over £1bn worth of expenditure.
But the new study by Razorfish – which polled 1,500 consumers across the UK, the US, China and Brazil – found that 77% considered targeted ads an invasion of privacy.
Among Britons, this figure was 78% – second only to the US, where 79% felt their privacy had been violated by mobile marketers.
The survey also found most respondents (77%) were irked by seeing the same ad multiple times, with more than four-fifths (81%) of UK respondents saying they “hated” the experience.
Commenting on the results, Razorfish planning lead Grant Owens said agencies have “a long way to go” in terms of promoting the acceptance of targeted ads among smartphone owners.
“We need to show consumers new behaviours that they experience and fall in love with,” he argued.
Despite the criticisms levelled at targeted ads, the survey found that those aged under 35 simply could not get enough of ecommerce – some 55% said they “wanted to buy all of their purchases online if possible”.

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