Coppafeel breaks taboo with full-frontal TV campaign

coppafeelBreast cancer charity CoppaFeel has broken one of the last taboos of TV advertising by being the first advertiser to screen uncovered breasts, in a new campaign which aims to raise awareness among young people of the importance of touching their boobs to ensure there are no unusual changes which may signify breast cancer.
Devised by Fold7, the #TrustYourTouch campaign is designed to appeal to youngsters who are “currently more likely to go to the dentist, weigh themselves or get their eyes tested than they are to check their boobs”.
The TV ad shows women and men holding their breasts with a voiceover explaining the different ways people should touch them, as well as shots of a kitten, jelly and juggling balls made to look like breasts, It is designed to convey that however you use it, the human touch is incredibly sensitive – and useful when it comes to personal health checks.
It will be supported by cinema, out-of-home and retail activity.
Shots of hands on breasts – both male and female – are cut with clips of irreverent but relevant objects. These include jellies, piano keys, bubble gum, doughnuts, peaches and basketballs.
The film ends by slowing down the fast pace of its percussive track and focusing on the chest of a woman who has undergone a single mastectomy. Overlaid text reads: ‘Touching your boobs could save your life’.
CoppaFeel chief executive Natalie Kelly said: “In demonstrating the power of our hands and celebrating our touch as the best tool for checking, we hope to encourage more young people across the UK to adopt a healthy boob checking habit, which could one day save their life.”

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