Crimestoppers hires Jaywing

burglarIndependent charity Crimestoppers has handed Jaywing a brief to design and develop a new, fully responsive and socially integrated digital presence following a five-way pitch.
The appointment comes just a fortnight after the Jaywing brand was resurrected by the 20:20 Group; prior to that it was called the Digital Marketing Group.
Each year, the crime-fighting charity receives almost half of all its actionable information through its website. With smartphones and tablet devices increasingly prominent in the nation’s digital consumption habits, Crimestoppers’ wants to ensure its digital strategy continues to embrace this change in usage.
As well as acting as a conduit for information between the anonymous public and the police, the site also plays an important role supporting online donations, volunteering and regional crime information.
Jaywing will create a fully responsive, device agnostic site for Crimestoppers, which will allow members of the public to upload images and video content without compromising anonymity. It will address changes to the technical infrastructure, user interface and content architecture, including the important Most Wanted area, and the Appeals Management System that supports it.
Launching later this year, the new site coincides with Crimestoppers’ 25th Anniversary celebrations.
Crimestoppers chief executive Michael Laurie said: “The panel’s decision was unanimous in selecting Jaywing as the agency to meet this brief. The response described a vision and understanding of the use of digital for Crimestoppers that went above and beyond the brief. We had no hesitation awarding them the task of creating a functional online presence for our charity to make it even easier and more accessible for the public to pass on information about crime anonymously and to support our cause.”
Jaywing digital marketing managing director Brian Taylor added: “With the growth in smartphone and tablet adoption throughout the country, it’s clear that mobile will play an increasingly important role in how crimes are reported in the future. By taking a fully responsive approach to the site design, we hope to help Crimestoppers engage across all devices.”

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