DMA gives cautious backing to draft Brexit data deal

dma 1Government ministers might be resigning left, right and centre but the DM industry has given a cautious welcome Prime Minister Theresa May’s draft Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, after it contained a pledge to continue the free low of data between the UK and Europe.
The DMA has lobbied hard in the UK and Europe to ensure that an agreement on data transfers is covered, and welcomes the fact that existing EU laws on data protection will continue to be UK law.
DMA group chief executive Chris Combemale said: “We are pleased to see that the free flow of data between the UK and EU will not be affected by Brexit, insofar as the UK will maintain EU standards of data protection laws like the GDPR.
“We have consistently advocated for a robust UK-EU deal on data protection that would ensure organisations could exchange data freely, much as they do now. It’s reassuring to see the UK Government has listened to the concerns of our industry and is proposing a way forward that should enable the UK to remain a world leader in data, technology and marketing.”
However, the trade body has expressed concerns that the withdrawal agreement does not refer to continued close cooperation between the UK Information Commissioner’s Office and EU data authorities.
The issue has been the subject of a joint campaign mounted by Google, Unilever and 25 other companies and industry associations – including the DMA – calling on Brussels chiefs to ensure they secure a “new and positive relationship” between the EU and UK post-Brexit.
The DMA is also concerned that the UK may be bound to implement data protection law during the transition period even though the country will not have a vote.

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