Brands offered database of 500 top Twitter influencers

twitterA Dutch company is offering brands the chance to get a free database of up to 500 top Twitter influencers, tailored to their individual company’s marketing needs.
My Social Database – which carries out a daily analysis of 650 million Twitter accounts – delivers listings to marketers and other parties interested in enriched data, based on real-time data.
The new tool claims to provide answers to three key questions: who exactly is of influence to your company? How do you identify them? And even get in touch?
My Social Database constantly analyses the answers to these questions and came with a brand new tool; the influencer listing, providing a list of 500 influencers of relevance in an area of preference.
The firm claims all that is needed is for brands to you fill out the keyword on and within days they will receive the influencer listing of your choice in your mailbox. Selections can be made on anything, from language to hobby, from marital status to profession.
Launched in 2012 the scheme is essentially an open database constantly updated by all participants.

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