eCircle tool integrates social, mobile and email marketing

Brand owners are being offered the chance to integrate email, social media and mobile marketing with the latest upgrade of email marketing broadcast technology, claimed to be one of the fastest, most flexible on-demand email marketing platforms on the market.
The service, launched by one of Europe’s largest providers of email marketing services eCircle, uses Internet-based cloud computing. The company claims eC-messenger 6.0 achieves optimum marketing integration via its combination of a new Social Media Suite and Mobile Suite, and connects online and offline campaigns with the help of the new Barcode Generator, which helps clients track email campaigns at point of sale (POS).
eCircle chief executive Volker Wiewer said: “Social media and email together creates a potent marketing force, but only if you can control and integrate them effectively. For our clients to capitalise on the opportunities provided by this ever changing digital arena, they need technology sophisticated enough to meet its demands.
“Our new software also effortlessly marries the individual strengths of online and offline campaigns. It gives you the option to view complete message history per individual recipient and, with domain statistics reporting, an overall greater insight into how your campaigns perform.”
eC-messenger 6.0’s social media suite allows brands to promote their social media presence through email. This includes embedding tweets in to email with Twitter2Email, sharing emails on social networks with Share2Social, generating subscribers through Facebook using Facebook2Subscribe, and incorporating product reviews from user generated content.
The software has been developed to generate a mobile optimised version of an email, which can be accessed via a ‘mobile version’ link in the header of an email. Using technology such as Email2Mobile and SMS2Subscribe, subscribers can also win at point of sale.
It also provides a link between online and offline. The Barcode Engine directly pastes personalised barcodes into email, enabling services such as airline tickets for check-in, electronic business cards and limited time offers, helping retailers get better data from stores, and emails driving people into store.

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