Electoral Commission takes fresh approach with MSQ

electThe Electoral Commission is launching a new campaign strategy to encourage voter registration for the upcoming 2018 local elections in May, which focuses on conveying how quick and easy it is to register to vote.
MSQ Partners’ agencies The Gate London and Stack were appointed to the account in July last year and have devised the Got 5? initiative, replacing previous activity which had adopted a loss aversion, “Don’t Lose It” approach. However, it retains the “Your Vote Matters” branding.
The campaign positions registration as a simple task that slots into the everyday occasions when people have five minutes to spare – like waiting for the bus, or a bath to run, or for nail varnish to dry.
The creative was brought to life with “living photographs” that capture mundane but relatable scenarios where you may have five minutes to spare. Instead of commissioning a director, the agency brought in photographer Nick Meek, who produced all the moving images as well as stills. The result is Meek’s trademark atmospheric style with saturated colour, set to a quirky and arresting soundtrack.
The campaign will run across outdoor, video on demand, radio, digital display and social media, including Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Media is being handled by Carat.
Electoral Commission director of communications and research Craig Westwood said: “It is vital for our democracy that every eligible voter finds it easy to participate in elections. Got 5? is based on many years’ research into voter registration, and will demystify the registration process for first timers, while providing a handy reminder for people who need to re-register because they have recently moved.”
MSQ Partners executive creative director Beri Cheetham added: “People don’t need to be reminded that it’s important to register to vote. What they need is the reassurance that it’s a quick and easy task. By telling people they can register to vote in the time it takes to run a bath, highlights the fact it can be can be done in a spare five minutes.”

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