Forget Brexit fears, brands crying out for data chiefs

'No sign of data scientists in Swindon'With Brexit negotiations not due to start until 2017, the UK marketing industry can get back to business and none more so than data-driven and digital marketers, who are in greater demand than ever before, according to one recruitment specialist.
Research from Robert Walters has revealed employers are placing an increasing focus on data-driven marketing, looking in particular for management level specialists in this field.
Mid-level professionals who have the experience necessary to implement data-driven marketing strategies are likely to be in high demand, with 73% of employers intending to primarily hire staff into these roles in the second half of the year.
But marketing professionals are at a premium, with almost half of employers (48%) already anticipating skills shortages when looking to recruit in the second half of 2016.
The future looks even more challenging; one in five employers believe that Britain’s decision to leave the EU will exacerbate a skills shortage in the industry.
Robert Walters associate director of marketing recruitment Ed Glover said: “Despite economic uncertainty following Britain’s decision to leave the EU, a significant number of employers are still planning to recruit marketing professionals in the second half of 2016.
“However, these efforts may be hampered due to a widespread perception that top calibre candidates will be difficult to source.”
“In particular, demand is high for digital marketing specialists at senior levels across the technology, fintech and agency sectors, with growing pressure on relatively small talent pools.”
Glover added: “Employers are placing an increasing focus on data-driven marketing. In addition, professionals with skills and experience in social media and online marketing can expect to be able to command high salaries as across a range of industries look to overhaul their digital marketing strategies.”

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