GI Insight unveils real-time multi-channel solution

brantanoGI Insight is aiming to crack demand for multi-channel marketing solutions with the launch of a real-time platform which can activate targeted communications through all channels – from email and direct mail to permission-based telemarketing and text messaging.
The platform, dubbed GI Campaign, is claimed to offer users the ability to identify and capture customer behaviour; segment customers into different behavioural groups; and apply a built in decision engine that delivers personalised messages for each customer. It also ad automatically sets up programmatic communications that activate email messages in real-time triggered by customer action.
These triggered communications can vary from sales closure incentives, to upsell/cross-sell offers and to abandoned online basket retrieval strategies.
The company, a division of GI Solutions Group, insists GI Campaign will integrate easily with existing customer database applications, whether CRM systems, bespoke single customer view relational databases, loyalty systems, and more, helping to maximise existing investments.
GI Campaign will also return results to existing customer management systems to update customer information and insight.
It not only delivers real-time deployment based on online customer behaviour, it also offers capabilities to link into a company’s SCV database of customer intelligence – offline and online.
This, the firm claims, allows users to implement campaigns, and triggers, based on their 360o view of the customer, making offers and messages as appropriate, informed and targeted as possible, leading to improved response, sales and loyalty.
One company which has been testing the scheme is footwear retailer Brantano (pictured), which needed a system that would work with its existing operation. GI Campaign gave the company the flexibility to generate the precise data and detail required to trigger product recommendations, and also effectively retrieve abandoned baskets.
Brantano also now applies the system to many other messages such as welcome, reactivation and much more. The most tangible result is that 5% of Brantano’s online revenue now comes from behaviour-driven campaigns.
GI Insight digital director Mark Wilding said: “The market has been crying out for a solution that easily links to existing customer management applications, while adding powerful capabilities to rapidly implement intelligent product recommendation strategies.
“Online and offline, customers are coming to expect marketing communications properly tailored to their individual profile and behaviour. The closer one can get, the better the commercial results, and the more likely the customer is to stay loyal and profitable.”

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