Global bodies unite to big up industry

Global bodies unite to big up industry.jpg 2Nearly 30 direct marketing associations around the world have joined forces to launch a global organisation to champion excellence in data-driven marketing and advertising.
To date, Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Hungary, India, the UK and the USA are among the 27 countries who have joined the Global DMA, with Australian DMA chief executive Jodie Sangster – a former member of the UK DMA legal team – the inaugural chair of the new organisation.
The GDMA succeeds the International Federation of DMAs. The first meeting of the GDMA was held at the DMA UK’s head office in Central London. Sangster said: “Previously the Global DMA was a loose network of associations, but we’ve decided the time has come to forge a proper affiliation to promote and support data-driven marketing around the world. Marketing is now a global concern and we need to share what’s happening trend-wise in the industry so marketers and advertisers can benchmark their efforts against the best in the world.”
GDMA will lead research studies to provide global trend information, thought leadership and training across all sectors, disciplines and channels.
Its first project is an international study into trends in one-to-one marketing expenditure and new technology uptake, as well as maturity issues in new and emerging channels.
The report, which was conceived to help global one-to-one marketers make better-informed investments, will survey senior marketers in 18 countries spread across six continents.
Chris Combemale, the executive director of the DMA UK, said: “Through our strengthened connections we’re now able to conduct a comparative study of global one-to-one marketing trends. Marketing is a global concern and we need to share what’s happening trend-wise in our industry so marketers can benchmark their work against the best in the world. The information we glean will help marketers to make better-informed investment choices.”
The results of the research will be unveiled in October at the US DMA 2014 conference in San Diego.

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