Hastings Direct hires SmartFocus

Hastings Direct has appointed SmartFocus to boost communication with its customer base and create a single customer view.
The appointment will see Hastings Direct adopt SmartFocus’ marketing database, modelling, campaign management and reporting tools. Launched in 1997, Hastings Insurance specialises in car, home, van and motorcycle insurance, as well as value-added products such as motor breakdown cover.
The decision was based on the need to increase the marketing team’s direct access to data while increasing campaign relevance, speed and flexibility without the extra costs of external consultants, third-party database agencies or technical support.
SmartFocus will now become the core of a new single marketing database that integrates all customer, prospect and lapsed data, providing a single customer view (SCV). This means that all data-related business tasks – such as campaign management, analysis, modelling and reporting, including the delivery of knowledge to Hasting’s customer service and call centre operations – will be based on the new SmartFocus database.
Hastings Direct sales and marketing director Mat Shepherd said: “We offer a range of products to a diverse customer base and fully understand the power of relevance and using marketing data to maintain trustworthy communications and engagement. Working with SmartFocus and its Intelligent Marketing solution is allowing us to gain even further insight into our customer base and to ensure that our communications and customer relationship management tactics are perfectly aligned with our strategic marketing objectives.”

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