House of Fraser puts data at the heart of the business

House-of-Fraser 2House of Fraser, the 60-strong chain of department stores, is ramping up its data and insight strategy by arming its staff with interactive dashboards to make quick data-driven business decisions.
The retail group, which has revenues of over £1.3bn and a workforce of more than 5,000 employees, has implemented the MicroStrategy 10 platform, as part of its business transformation strategy to streamline its analytics and to provide staff with actionable insights.
It is claimed that users can now take analytics into their own hands and quickly answer complex business questions by building user-friendly, interactive dashboards in as little as 20 minutes.
The firm insists this empowers employees across all departments to quickly visualise data to improve stock management, reduce returns, optimise store layouts, and enhance the overall customer experience.
House of Fraser chief information officer and executive director Julian Burnett said: “By empowering people across the business with visualisation tools, MicroStrategy is enabling us to transform our business culture. Our teams easily understand what the visualisations reveal to us about the state of our business and can apply that to the day to day as well as to the strategic choices we make.
“This has enabled us to achieve a much clearer picture of the entire business and an understanding, for example, of the dynamics between people and space. By visualising data from IoT and other sources, we can optimise these dimensions, improve the customer journey and ultimately drive growth.”

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